Feline Friendship

by The Daddy on October 25, 2010

The Knob and our cat Bailey…don’t exactly get along well. The kid loves the cat, and chases after him every chance he can get. His squeals of glee and scrunched up manic crazy happy face are always a delight, but Bailey would much rather scratch his eyes out, if he had claws to do so. At the same time, Bailey seems to be moving slower and slower to get away every day. This either means A: he actually does like the Noodle, if for no other reason that he’s something he can run from, which most closely approximates playing in his weird furry head. Or B: he’s staying near to keep a close eye on his enemy, much like some kind of guerilla soldier. Either way, I get the impression that one of them will some day spell the other’s demise.

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