Potty Mouth

by The Daddy on October 11, 2010

Seems like all we ever talk about lately is the kid’s poop. Color, how often, texture, odor, all that fun stuff. I knew it was coming and didn’t have any fears (besides the usual fear of ookyness), but I was quite surprised at how often it dominates the conversation when speaking of the Knob’s health. Surprisingly it isn’t a big deal, changing diapers all the time, and I really feel like I want to punch all the dads out there that never change diapers. If you’re too afraid to get your hands dirty in this department, how are you gonna expect to be taken seriously when there’s a REAL issue down the road that needs an adult’s decision? What, are we in the 1940s here, and this kind of stuff is “woman’s” work? Please. Dads, get in there and change your kid’s diaper like a man. Just try not to let it be ALL you and the Momma talk about.

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A Daddy Blog October 20, 2010 at 2:07 pm

As I’ve tweeted and probably said on your site itself, I love it. Very cool the way you’ve set it up by “The Mommy” and “The Daddy”. A really great approach. As for guys not changing diapers, I assume the same reasoning as you (in your comment on my blog) as for why they don’t. What do they do when there’s not a women there to do it? Let the kiddo stew in it? Maybe they never let it happen that they are alone with a child? My wife and I went to a hospital sponsored pre-baby class and I became the swaddling expert in our home. Now that was an important skill early on. I’m not sure if I’m better at diapers, but I’m certainly proficient. The nurses at the hospital showed me a lot of great stuff just after the baby was born. My wife went to BlogHer in NYC this summer and was gone four days. What was I going to do, take the baby out back and hose her off when she needed freshening? Great to meet you, too!


The Daddy October 21, 2010 at 5:58 pm

Absolutely. It REALLY bothers me. Like, if it’s just Macho Dad alone with the kid, and he got a diaper full of poop, and is miserable, he’s not gonna change it ‘cuz it’s not manly? So apparently, loving your kid isn’t manly either. To me it speaks of a bigger issue of raising a kid with that mentality that just terrifies me.


A Daddy Blog October 22, 2010 at 9:16 am

Yep, and I guess it is just propagated on to the next generation and so on. It’s hard for you and me (even though I doubt my dad changed many diapers… that was more to do with his 12 hour work days… a subject for a different blog) to even imagine not doing it. Have a good weekend.


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