The Spread of the Stuff

by The Momma on November 17, 2010

When I was pregnant, my mom came out to visit us/buy stuff for the baby. While she was here, we said something to her along the lines of “there’s no reason for the whole house to be filled with baby stuff-we want to keep some of OUR space.”

Yeah, it’s ok, go ahead and laugh. My mom did.

Obviously, that statement meant that the baby stuff pretty much immediately took over the house—you know, karma and all. In the beginning, before the Noodle was actually mobile, it was easier to contain the spread of the stuff. It was still encroaching, but we were able to pretend a little better that it wasn’t.

Now though…well, the kid’s stuff is everywhere. The furniture is configured entirely for toddler management. The toys are trying to kill us. The books are flung to every corner of the room. There are “baby proofing” items in every room, which have proven to be more “baby infuriating” or “slowing baby down not stopping them” items at best.

And let’s not forget that this kid is a bit of a hoarder. Some of his favorite “toys” are things like: the cardboard tray a flat of soda came in, my brush, the ever popular tupperware, and random scraps of paper.

So basically, our house is a disaster. I’m hoping it’ll be clean again sometime before he turns 18…

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Lisa November 17, 2010 at 7:49 pm

This cracked me up because my mom just told me the same thing. Our dining room has been an empty holding area since we moved in and I told her I’d like an actual dining room, you know, with a table and stuff. She laughed and told me not to bother, that baby stuff would take over.


The Momma November 17, 2010 at 8:55 pm

We tried, we really did, in the beginning. We were able to keep most of it to the living room and our room (we didn’t use the nursery much in the beginning). But then it just started seeping into other rooms. And now…well, you can pretty much tell who runs the place around here!


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