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…About Kid’s Toys

by The Momma on January 7, 2011

The Daddy: Kid’s Toys: Magical Gift of Plastic Wonderment or Design-By Committee Unrelatable Crap?

The Momma: Oy, it’s death by plastic around here lately. But most of what we have is really not that bad–because it’s simple. The more complicated, the crappier it seems to be.

D: No, I’m mainly talking about some of the toys we’ve seen/own that clearly were amazing on paper, but obviously never interacted with an actual child before development.

M: Yeah, some of them you can tell were designed by adults who have never seen a kid? Met one?

D: Yups. And back to your earlier point- simpler definitely seems to be better. We had a ton of fun with the giant box the slide came in lately. We need… more boxes.

M: The toys he likes best are always the simplest ones. Blocks. Buckets. Slides. Boxes.
M: I can actually see the appeal of getting rid of some of the plastic crap in favor of simpler wooden toys. All his favorite stuff (minus the slide maybe) doesn’t need to be plastic, complicated, with tons of pieces/parts.

D: Not to mention the obligatory fear of Chinese lead toys. Wow, that almost sounds racist. You know what I mean. I really like the appearance of wood, which seems counter-intuitive as he could (in theory) chew it to the point of splintering, right?

M: Well, the aesthetic appeal for the grownups is definitely nicer with the non plastic monstrosities.
M: But as we saw the other day when the child dropped a wooden puzzle piece on his foot that resulted in a bleeding owie, plastic might have SOME benefits.

D: Oh that’s right. That was a little gruesome. Leave it to our Knob to figure out a way to hurt himself with something so innocuous. Let’s split the difference and say rounded wooden toys, no hard corners or edges.

M: Win/win!

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