Product testing FAIL.

by The Daddy on January 4, 2011

The Knob received what appeared to be a most awesome gift for Christmas. The 3-1 trike seemed like a total win, and we were both stoked to try it out, knowing how much fun it could be. The Knob could be pushed in it, until he had a little more motor development, and then in true Optimus Prime style, it would transform into something he could pedal. I believe ultimately it turns into a jet fighter, when he’s ready.

Unfortunately, it seems a classic case of design on paper (computer) with no actual testing with a real, live, breathing human child. There are pedals in the front that are optional, and a footrest down below in case your child is A: not ready to pedal or B: lazy as hell. No problem, accept that while the seat is adjustable, the attached footrest is not, and it’s placed DIRECTLY BELOW THE SEAT. Right now, sitting in your chair, try putting your feet flat on the ground directly below you. Notice how your ankles don’t bend at 135 degree angles? Right.

And don’t even get me started on the shoulder straps. I believe the dummy used to place the shoulder straps had arms that came directly out of the sides of the torso, as opposed to up at the shoulders like most hominids.

It’s not a total loss, The Daddy is working on some modifications, and for now, I can tuck the Knob’s feet behind the footrests while we roll around. You have to be diligent though, ‘cuz if the feet pop out, they catch on the ground and roll his foot in a not so delightful way that makes me think I’m torturing the kid. We’ll make it work, and again: this should have been a win, it’s just a shame all the design and planning didn’t involve a real live kid at any point in the design process.

Happy Holidays!

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kate January 5, 2011 at 10:43 am

Thank you for the much needed laugh this hump day! :)


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