A perfect storm…

by The Daddy on February 7, 2011

…of toddler tantrum tenacity.

The entire NK household is under attack from a nasty headcold that we’re pretty sure The Knob brought home from his first day of daycare. We knew it would happen, but greatly underestimated the power it would wield to bring all three of us crashing down into a nasty combo of runny nose, congestion, exhaustion, runny nose, body aches, bone rattling, eyeball inversion and runny nose. Did I mention we’ve gone through over 34 boxes of tissues? Our noses are running that much.

But I won’t go into graphic details.

Suffice to say, The Knob’s usual cheery “can deal with anything” demeanor has…taken a leave of absence. Totally understandable and all, but we miss our cheery little non-sick monkey. And we miss our noses not running.

Did I mention our noses are running?

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