Advice From Future Past.

by The Daddy on February 28, 2011

As much as possible, I’ve tried to avoid making declarations I would later regret. That isn’t to say that there haven’t been a few goals I’ve tried to keep in becoming a parent. I’ve tried to keep from talking about our kid nonstop to those that don’t have kids. I haven’t been perfect, but I didn’t want us to become “those” parents who constantly rave about their child, when others frankly don’t share the same passionate interest. I’ve tried to not use too much baby talk around the kid, or let baby talk ruin the relationship I have with my spouse.

I tried to keep a clean house, and not let the kid’s crap ruin my universe.

Well, that one had to give. It’s all about re-prioritizing what’s important in life, and frankly, keeping everything as clean as possible just had to go. Don’t get me wrong, our lives were not shrink wrapped in spotless perfection, but The Daddy tends to be a bit of a neat freak in some areas. Now, not so much.

I keep thinking about that guy from the past and all the declarations he made. I’m trying not to become that guy over again, tenfold.

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