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…About The Messy House

by The Momma on March 4, 2011

The Daddy: The Messy House: Abandoned Chaotic Wasteland of Our Old Life or Nurturing Open Playground for Our Child?

The Momma: Well, I think it’s more of a Child Containment Center That Happens To Be A Wasteland

D: I had all these grand plans to paint the walls, and at some point get some slightly better furniture (though we’re pretty good there) and it seems like it might be futile over the next few years.

M: Yeah…new furniture…I don’t see the point in that one. At least not in the spaces where the kid is all the time.

D: I don’t want to be one of those families that just gives up on any kind of personal style and drifts into festering indifference and a bland, boring, dirty house but…

M: The way I look at it, right now, is that look, we’ve got a toddler. And OUR particular toddler is like a tornado, mixed with a hurricane, mixed with an earthquake. The havoc he wrecks on the living room right now is…unsightly, to be sure. But it won’t ALWAYS be like this. There will, eventually, come a day when we can reclaim our land.
M: I just don’t know when.

D: I guess that’s the reality- we’ve been invaded, but it’s only a temporary invasion. Or more accurately, the invasion is permanent, but the invader will eventually turn civilized and then… this metaphor is royally screwed. You know what I mean- we’ll have to put any kind of style on hiatus for now.

M: Or, we could always use this time to put style into less insane parts of the house. The bedroom, the office, the dining room. But yeah, the living room? I think it’s going to be a while…

D: That’s an interesting point- work on some other areas where the spread of his destruction is less severe first.

M: I mean, it’s not like he’s got a playroom or anything–it’s the living room or bust. So yeah, it’s going to have toys and books, and the couch is going to take a beating. But he needs a place that he can be safe and comfortable–and we need somewhere where we don’t worry about the furniture more than the toddler.

D: No, I agree- his safety and comfort are paramount. It’s just that…I wanted us to be stylish parents and not let the kid’s needs necessarily override our entire lives. You know what I mean- his nursery is a good idea- it’s still cool and fun, and not just functional. You know, stylish!

M: Well, I think those are options, of course. But..uh…it also takes money and time to create spaces like that. And even more than we’re not stylish, we’re lazy and cheap.

D: Good point. Guess it’s just the reality of realizing we’re getting OLDer and turning into grownups with responsibilities that take precedence over all the crap we WANT.

M: Damnit!

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TechyDad March 4, 2011 at 6:01 am

I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse when you have your second child. Two tornado-hurricane-earthquakes to terrorize order and cleanliness. And, as they get older, they get more stuff for birthdays/Chanukah/Christmas/etc so the potential mess just grows and grows. Also, I don’t know why, but my boys love cleaning up when they’re at their grandparents. When they’re home, though, we often need to threaten a garbage bag before they’ll pick up toys. One of these nights, I think half of their toys are going to “magically” disappear. (suppresses urge to laugh maniacally.)


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