Guest Noodling: The Imagination of Mittens

by Guest on March 3, 2011

Our next guest poster is Shasta from Blogging With Mittens (while I giggle at the idea of her typing away with mittens on, Mittens is ALSO the nickname of her gorgeous daughter). The Momma started reading Shasta sometime after the Noodle was born and felt a kinship with her style. I mean, come on, her family owns a four-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, and  she tells bad pirate jokes on her blog. What’s not to love? Check out what she’s got to say about Mittens.

At lunch today, I came across a Little People giraffe toy while rummaging through my purse in a fruitless search for gum. While it’s not uncommon to find toys like this in my handbag, Mittens’ giraffe made me smile this particular time because it reminded me just how much she loves her toys, especially characters and figurines like that one. To say Mittens enjoys imaginative play really is an understatement.

When she was about eight months old, I walked in to daycare one day after work to an enthusiastic teacher who couldn’t wait to tell me how Mittens had spent the better portion of an hour playing by herself. According to the teacher, Mittens had devised some sort of storyline in her head, and she then proceeded to reenact this dramatic yarn in real life using a diverse assortment of plastic bugs, bears, and stacker rings. Hilarity ensued. Apparently when you’re a daycare teacher, watching an infant cart pink and purple butterflies back and forth between a Bumbo chair and baby swing can be pretty darn entertaining. I was just happy that she was having fun.

But in truth, I think Mittens flair for drama and penchant for imaginative play is really cool. At any given moment in our house, one can find toys thoughtfully placed in specific locations around Mittens’ designated living room play area. And if Mittens is in an especially creative mood, she’ll haul her floor pillow and basket of figurines to the center of the living room so that she can carefully set up a scene that best expresses whatever telenovela might be scrolling through her toddler brain at that particular time.

And though I’m OK if Mittens’ imagination doesn’t take her anywhere beyond a high school degree, I get the feeling that these baby-sized shows are just the start of something more exciting. I’m thinking one woman show on Broadway – I can already picture the t-shirt I’ll be wearing to the opening: “That star was born….TO ME!”

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shasta March 3, 2011 at 8:41 am

I LOVE THAT CARTOON SO MUCH. The set up is right on. Thanks for featuring Mittens!


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