Guest Noodling: The Reality Check

by Guest on March 24, 2011

Our next guest poster is Kate from The Sacred Bee.  Kate is a working mom, a bee-keeper, and working towards making her family healthier while reducing their carbon footprint! I find her really inspiring (and helpful!), but she’s also totally real–with her own little Noodle Knob. Enjoy what she has to say about this parenting thing…

Sometimes I feel like I got duped by this whole parenting gig.

The pregnancy and choice to start having children was most definitely planned and we had plenty of time to rethink our major life decision over the six months that it took us to get pregnant.  And, for years I had heard the stories, recollections and first-hand accounts of parenting from friends, family and even random acquaintances.

I knew that there would be a seemingly endless struggle to function on minimal sleep during those first few months.  I knew that my breasts might hurt and leak while I was nursing.  I knew that those first baby poops of meconium would resemble a cross between toxic sludge and tar.   I knew that it would be love at first sight.  I knew these things.

But, then there is this stuff – the stuff I didn’t hear and the stuff that is hard to put into words.  The reality-check on this modern day romance.

  • The four letters: L, O, V and E are not strong enough, right enough or powerful enough to explain and comprehend the all-consuming and overwhelming feeling towards your child.
  • There are days when naptime is literally greater than any gift in the world.  It’s worth more than millions of dollars, prestigious awards or a bounty beyond imagination.
  • Even if given the opportunity to be away from your child, you might not want to be.  The joy and wonderment of spending time with them is the highlight of the day.
  • You and your husband now have a, previously unknown, but now well-rehearsed, hip-bumping, high-fiving, squeal-screeching dance every time the kid goes poop in the potty.
  • Some days you cannot wait for just a single minute to be freed from the clutches of baby grabs, constant whining, non-stop messes and an almost continuous banter of questions.
  • Occasionally you find yourself riding the crazy mood-swinging roller coaster of toddlerhood along with your child.  Love.  Happy.  Teary.  Whiny.  Elated.  Delirious.  Wonder.  Back.  Forth.  Round.  Round.
  • The blissful silence of date-nights and after-bedtime hours are often spent talking about the very child you are finally getting a break from.
  • Some adventures are best dreamed about but not executed.  Example: Cross country skiing with a toddler in a backpack when you haven’t skied in over three-years.  I suppose that it is an illustration of misery loving company.


For all the parenting books I read and all the advice I’ve been given, parenting remains a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of adventure.  Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, Beckett throws another curve in it.  And, I’d be foolish to think that our next one or two or ??? children will be the same.  It’s a learn as you go, love what you do, cherish it all kind of day-night and all the time in between job.

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Virginia March 26, 2011 at 9:51 pm

SO much wisdom in this short list! What a keeper! I hope Kate will be a guest again!


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