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…About Being Away From the Family

by The Momma on May 27, 2011

The Daddy: Being Away From Your Child for a Week the First Time… Excruciating Hell or Welcome Relief?

The Momma: Honestly? It sucked. A lot. I think it would have been different if I had been on vacation (i.e. relaxing, sleeping in, on my own schedule) instead of on business (uh, none of that stuff). So I got the hard stuff of business travel and the missing my kid bonus.

D: I can’t imagine the double whammy of no fun business travel and no kid. I’m hoping you could spend just a little time enjoying some free time, which we both so rarely get anyway.

M: Well, I can’t lie. I did get a little bit of free time. I went to a movie, got to enjoy dinners without food being thrown on the floor, and was able to wander on my free day without having to deal with diapers or tantrums.
M: But I only got a couple of free days, and then it was a lot of work. That’s when it became really hard–when I was dealing with work without the bonus of coming home to the little man.

D: Ouch. And wasn’t it raining to boot?

M: Yup, it rained. Well, until the first day of the trade show. Then the weather turned sunny since I was stuck inside all day.

D: Oh man, your trip sounds like some kind of Woody Allen movie. We’ll all be so glad when you get home, we all miss you. The kid has been getting shorter on his temper, and the dog is pretty much starved for attention because I’ve been working nonstop whenever the kid is down or in class.

M: I can’t wait to get home to you boys (and the doggie girl). I’m reminded again of how hotel living will never measure up to my house…and how much I rely on you guys to help keep me sane…and happy.

D: Same here. Our family functions best as a solid unit. And of course, “best” is a subjective term.

M: Well, no one ever said our best wasn’t totally screwy!

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