Obsessive Germaphobia

by The Daddy on May 18, 2011


The Daddy isn’t THAT crazy. He absolutely understands and encourages germs and the acquisition of such. Said germs are important for a strong immune system, and frankly, The Knob is gonna get sick and that’s a good thing. That’s what we always thought. That’s what our goal was in raising him. And then he got sick.


I’ve been sick before, and I’ve been under the weather. I’ve prided myself on my quick healing and ability to rapidly get better no matter what has struck me. But the illness the Kid brings home and the extent to which it debilitates THE ENTIRE FAMILY is a bit absurd. It usually seems to last about three weeks, during which we all pass everything back and forth, despite extensive nose-wiping and hand washing. It seems to shut the whole household down. So. I know he’s gonna get sick when he goes to super fun happy play land, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have to take a little extra precaution when I can.

Plus, when else am I gonna get to use this child-sized hazmat suit?

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