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…About the Toddler Bed Nightmare

by The Momma on June 24, 2011

The Daddy: The new bed situation- Neverending Nightmarish Hell or Temporary Madness Until the Toddler Bed Rail Arrives?

The Momma: I’m starting to feel like we’re never going to sleep well again.

It’s so many things: the freedom! the rolling out of bed! the turning on the light! the lack of containment, basically.

D: Is it ultimately gonna just be containment that’s the problem, or do you think it’s something else? I can’t tell right now. When we put him down now, containment or not, he just stares wide eyed at us, like he’s resisting sleep time.

M: Well, I do think that he’s teething. And he’s clearly in the middle of some word development. So there’s some development stuff in there. But I feel like a lot of it has to do with just the transition of it all.
Toddlers don’t seem to be great with change.

D: Yeah, it seems like just yet one more example of the kid multitasking a little too much. Also another case where, right when we think have a bead on things, he goes and does something totally new and unexpected, and we have to start all over finding out what works.

M: I’m not a fan of that starting all over every few months thing. Especially when it makes us sleep deprived.

D: I know I should stop saying it and it’s just gonna bite us in the ass again, but this is gonna get a little easier at least as far as the sleep goes, right? I feel like I could handle some other new drama, if it entailed a little more sleep or at least back to sleeping through the night again.

M: Man, I hope the sleep gets easier. I mean, at some point we’ll be begging him to get up before noon, right? He won’t always wake us up 4 times a night, right? Right?

D: Yeah, I seem to have a very VERY strong recollection of my mom threatening to dump icewater on me to get me out of bed, because I always wanted to sleep in. When does THAT shit start kicking in?

M: Seriously. I’d give my pinky toes to have him sleep until noon. Or hell, even all night!

D: Pinky toes are a WAY easy trade. Why is this kid so anxious to get up and enjoy the world and life? What the hell is wrong with him?!? Doesn’t he know yet that sleeping is one of the best actions ever?

M: SERIOUSLY. Kid, stop being so INTERESTED in everything!

D: Oops, yeah. We may be heading down the wrong track. Hooray…for life! …Yaayyy for experiencing…the world!

M: Just…do it so Momma & Daddy can get some sleep!

D: Yeah, try to enjoy life and the world…AFTER 8AM. Thanks!

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