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…About The New Playtime: Bedtime!

by The Momma on July 8, 2011

The Daddy: Bedtime: A Time for Rest and Recovery or Imagination Circus Super Happy Playtime?

The Momma: Well, I’m not sure WHAT he’s doing in there, but it sure isn’t sleeping. So super happy playtime it is!

D: It is nice that when he’s done (lately) he’s nice enough to deposit himself back in bed, all snuggled up. Pretty cute, that.

M: Yeah, going in and finding him curled up with his blanket on the bed, that’s pretty awesome. And it’s cute to go in there and see him rolling his car all over the bed while he’s laying down. But still. Bedtime! Sleep! Be calm!

D: Yes, more invocation of new brain-making and its pitfalls. I love that he’s playing by himself though. It certainly seems to be heading in an imaginative way. That, or our child is totally insane.

M: Well, either one would be fitting for this family, no?
M: But really, it’s awesome to see that imaginative play start to come out. I think it’s interesting that he does it when he’s by himself at bedtime, but not really (yet) during the day with us. Or at least not with me.

D: Not me, either. It is kinda weird, but I guess if he’s fighting sleep (and I really think he is), he’s got to find something to do. And hey, it’s way better than when he used to get out and tear the room up and smash and try to destroy everything.

M: Or when he would scream when we weren’t in the room and I had to sit in there for an hour? Yeah, I MUCH prefer this.

D: I’m happy to have him play until he passes out than scream any day. But again, it would be nice if he’d just go to bed!

M: Yes. Sleep child SLEEP. You will miss it someday!

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