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…About The Oncoming Verbal Train

by The Momma on July 1, 2011

The Daddy: Kid Developing Language- Oncoming Nightmare or Coolest Thing Ever?

The Momma: I know I may regret this in a few short months, but OMG Coolest Thing Ever right now.

M: Hearing his little voice say Momma! or my new personal favorite WHOA! is pretty much awesome.

D: Yeah, he’s even started bringing up Da-Da or the Daht! Which has been quite a treat. It’s fun asking him to say something and seeing and hearing him work it out. It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves even further. But of course, now the pressure’s really on to start teaching him more words. You know, actively.

M: But he’s also showing more interest in having things named for him. He’ll bring me books and just point to images for me to say the word. He wasn’t doing that a few weeks ago.

M: So I think there are ways to incorporate that into what we already do with him, you know?

D: Oh yeah, I think it’s gonna be fun, don’t get me wrong. I just get all nervous and guilty when I’m not constantly remembering to (or at least trying to) teach him stuff. We do have fun when he points at letters, and I say them one by one. How cool is THAT gonna be when he starts putting that together?

M: I have to say, one of my very favorite parts of parenting is watching him learn. It really is such an awesome thing to see, to watch him figure out those things we take for granted. Not to get all schmoopy, but it really does make me feel like I’m blessed to see a little person emerge.

M: Granted, I’m dreading the day he learns the word NO. I know he will get great pleasure out of that one.

D: It’s one of the coolest things I was looking forward to! You get this opportunity as well as responsibility to raise and watch a little being grow into an intelligent person. You get to watch a mind unfold, populate and spring to life. Talk about schmoopy, but it’s already a more amazing experience than I hoped it would be, and his brain’s only just past squirrel level at this point.

M: Can you imagine when he levels up?

D: Not at all anymore.

M: I do love this exploration mode. It’s hard sometimes these days to enjoy the ACT of parenting. I love the child beyond all reason, but JEEZ has he gotten difficult lately. But this mental growth, this exploration? It definitely is a fun part…right now anyway.

D: Yeah, I’m sure there’s some great line somewhere that refers to the fact that as his mind gets more developed, curious and active, so will his interests, defiance, independence and the like. Can’t have one without the other, which really is as it should be. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the mental side lately, without just all the incoherent whining, crying or screaming.

M: Oh and he will have independence. Of that we can be sure.

D: Are you kidding me? This kid may decide to leave home before he turns 12! Independence is not a problem we’re gonna have to worry about. Or maybe, just in a very different way.

M: Well, he is his father’s child.

D: What are you talking about? Like you’re not Ms. Independence. This kid is gonna be stubborn from equal parts of both of us!

M: Yeah, we’re pretty much screwed when he figures out free will and combines it with speech and manual dexterity.

D: I think you just transcribed the blueprints for disaster.

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wren July 1, 2011 at 7:29 am

I’m on the side of “the coolest thing ever.” It was amazing how much more connected and head-over-heals in love with my child I became as he started talking over the last year. Two year olds are amazing.


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