The Ocean: Scared to Fearless in 60 Seconds.

by The Daddy on July 20, 2011

Summer in San Diego means beach time for the NoodleKnobs family. The Daddy loves it the most, and is pretty much fooling noone when he starts digging a hole (for the kid!) or making sand forts (for the kid!) or making the kid play somewhere else, because this hole needs to be wide enough and smooth enough…for the kid! It’s therefore pretty exhilarating when the Knob can find enjoyment at this wonderful place we both love so much. It didn’t start out that way though. The kid always starts a beach trip out apprehensive and a little freaked out by the waves.

Yeah, that doesn’t last long.

He goes from terrified and us gently coaching him to try out the water to literally pulling him out of a headfirst full speed lunge into the over-head-high surf and crashing waves. He still only really hangs out a few yards into the water, but when the beach is steep and they’re literally crashing and cascading up strong enough to pull him into the sea, well, we have to be diligent.

Still, it’s pretty awesome watching him love the ocean. Our little water baby.

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