A Typical Day With the Daddy

by The Daddy on August 24, 2011

Hopefully I got a complete night of sleep today. I probably went to bed around 2AM, up painting or on Tumblr again.

7AMish, alarm goes off, the Momma hits snooze. Might hear the kid mewing, he gradually wakes up and hopefully starts playing or reading to himself in his room. Probably drift in and out of sleep again for the next few minutes.

Finally need to actually get up and start the day. The Momma’s most likely up by now, getting the shower ready. I throw some shorts on, and take the dog out for her morning pee/poop, and back in.

Shower, get dressed and by now the kid has had enough playing in his room. Change the diaper, take him upstairs to have breakfast while the Momma finishes getting ready for the day. Divide and conquer- she needs to look presentable for her job, I just need to be clothed for society.

Feed the dog, feed the kid, make a semblance of breakfast for myself, but more importantly- make a pot of coffee. Lately I’ve been rocking the french press, it’s hard to go back once you’ve started making your own this way.

The Momma comes up to throw some food down and make a lunch for the day while finishing feeding the kid. From there:

VERSION 1: Taking the kid to daycare

I make the kid’s lunch and we all try to finish breakfast as speedily as possible before we get him ready for school.  After a ten minute run around/diaper changing/clothes putting on/tantrumfest the Momma and the kid head out the door where she drops him off for school.

Finish breakfast, drink coffee, go down to studio to work. Get music going for the day. Spend half an hour on Spotify or 4 seconds on Pandora.

Check email, check Twitter, check Facebook, check Tumblr, check webstats.


Draw, paint, make panels, mount paintings, clean house, work on webcomics, pack up art to sell, drink too much coffee, forget to eat lunch until about 3PM, get dinner prepped and ready, take the dog out for a walk, more email, more Twitter, more digital illustration, more website tweaking, about half an hour drooling over other artists’ work, getting depressed about it. Closing all my tabs to buckle down and get back to really just grinding away.

The Momma and the kid are home.

VERSION 2: Home with the kid, no car

The Momma’s out the door. I finish feeding the kid, and then we play for a bit in the living room. Depending on how slow the caffeine is taking to enter my bloodstream and the previous night’s sleep (or lack thereof, see above) we utilize the educational power of the television to help out with the kid, as Daddy slowly wakes up.

Puzzles, drawing time, stacking blocks, toys, running around, whatever the day brings for a day without the car. Sometimes we’ll head downstairs and play with sidewalk chalk and the hose (not ALWAYS at the same time) sometimes we’ll make the trek to the pool. Either way, we’ll head outside at some point and cruise around the neighborhood, while making sure the kid stays out of the road, exploring, looking at bugs, throwing tantrums, wanting to run in the middle of the street, climbing walls, putting snails in his mouth and in general, getting nice and tired. Then it’s back inside for a little more running around, maybe a little more TV, a snack and more toys and books.

The Momma’s home.

VERSION 3: Home with the kid, with car

We all try to finish breakfast as speedily as possible before we get him dressed so we can drop the Momma off to work. Corral the dog back into the crate with a peanut butter filled Kong. After a ten minute run around/diaper changing/clothes putting on/tantrumfest we get in the car and off to the day.


Drop off the Momma, head home.


We’ll call it a beach day. Prep the beach bag- fresh swim diapers, towels, toys, lunch, snacks. Then changing the kid into beach gear. Get a bone for the dog and put the dog BACK in her crate (poor puppy).

Off to the beach, 15 minute drive, tops (love where we live). Find parking, pretty easy on a weekday if we got out in time.

Do the acrobatic balancing act of carrying a squirming toddler, a shoulder beach bag, a giant beach bucket with toys, and beach blanket down to a clearish spot for some beach time. Average calories burned during this exercise: 1200. Set up beach spot, sunscreen the kid and myself, and then beachtime.

Eating, digging holes, eating sand, making sure the he doesn’t grab other beachgoers’ stuff, running in and out of the surf, eating, putting rocks in his mouth, throwing sand, and more eating.

Almost exactly three hours later (every single time, to the minute) we head home, as the kid has started laying down in the sand. Reverse the process of cleaning beach toys of sand, drying off the kid, packing up and trekking back to the car. 1200 more calories burned.

Drive home, the kid may or may not pass out in the car.

Can’t just put him to bed, have to undress him and shower him off to get rid of all the sand. Now he’s wide awake and will fight sleep for another half to a full hour. Eventually finally:

Naptime. He fights it for a bit, even though he’s thrashed, so we stack blocks and read books in his room with the lights out until he finally concedes, or until Daddy decides he’s overtired, and then he gets PUT to bed.

During naptime, I try to check some email, check web traffic, see if any art has sold, work on comic strips, or paint or make panels, or pack up any sold art or mount a painting or work on illustration, and also check Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and see what I can get done while he battles sleep or plays quietly on the monitor. If needed, I’ll start laundry.

More coffee.

Once I know he’s good and totally out cold, I take the dog out for a quick walk, paranoid the whole time that the kid wakes up.

Home, back to work. Take a break at some point to start something for dinner, a marinade, prep food, chop vegetables, thaw frozen meat, etc.

More coffee, and some lunch. If I got a lot done, I give myself a treat and eat outside or in front of the TV for about 15 minutes. Usually though, it’s back in front of the computer screen.

More work, Twitter, email, Tumblr, Facebook. Depending on the day and lack of focus, I may decide to clean the studio, or reorganize the garage workspace or clean the kitchen or some other way to not do the REAL work I need to be doing for clients.

Kid starts waking up, I let him quietly play if he’s calm, once he starts to lose it I get him.

Change him, go outside to play, play with blocks, read books all before he realizes he’s starving. Set up lunch while doing the dog business juggle dance, running in and out to make sure the kid isn’t jumping off the couch or climbing the TV.

Once the kid’s had enough to eat, there’s just time for a little playtime before it’s time to go. Put the dog away, with accompanying TV, racing out the door to go pick up The Momma.


Pick up The Momma, head home.


The Momma and the kid play while I take the dog out, and then it’s time to make dinner.

Feed the animals, feed the family.

Near completion, I take the dog out for her nightly walk while the Momma cleans up and gets the kid ready for bedtime. Hopefully I can get a goodnight hug or kiss from the kid before he goes down. If it’s a bath night, I start that up and then the Momma finishes up while I take the dog out.

Some last minute playing with the kid if he’s still up, one last ditch effort to get him nice and tired and then he’s off to bed via the Momma.

More coffee.

Back into the studio, it’s probably about 8:30 or 9, and I hope I can get a good four to five hours of work in before bed. A good chance that Tumblr or Twitter suck me in a little, but usually just more drawing, painting.


(Want to see how the Momma’s day looks? Check it out on her site. Oh, and she’s hosting a bloghop thingy about typical days, if you want to share yours!)

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