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…About a Learning Explosion

by The Momma on August 26, 2011

The Daddy: Leveling Up to Age Two- Super Awesome Brain Explosion Time or Worrisome Development Surge with which We Can’t Keep Up?

The Momma: I think it’s awesome. I mean, it’s a little terrifying sometimes how QUICKLY he’s making connections now, but it’s so amazing to watch.

 D: Whenever it’s brain-making time (which I know is actually ALWAYS) and we’re doing specifics- letters, numbers, colors, shapes, identifying stuff, he lately just seems on fire. I feel like I’m struggling to keep up with giving him new brain stimulation.

M: Well, but I think you still have this idea that it has to be “educational products” to help him. In reality, he’s absorbing from EVERYTHING. At the pool, at the beach, in the store. Heck, he loves pointing out letters on my shirt! Everything is an opportunity to identify and categorize and make those connections.

D: Yeah, but I always gravitate to school. I know he’s getting a ton of constant stimulation and input, I’m just always worried about how well he’ll do in school. Not that grades are absolutely EVERYTHING, I just want to make sure the main stuff- letters, reading, math, verbal etc. are gonna be ready and comfortable in his brain. I know, I know, he’s not even two yet, but that’s where my mind gravitates.

M: Honey. He’s not even 2. We have plenty of time for the school stuff, and I agree it’s important. But we kind of need to get the basics down, and we can do some of that by using what we have.

D: I know, I know. Look, it doesn’t keep me up at night or anything, it’s just that his brain is lately REALLY starting to go crazy with learning in a way that’s really connectable. I know he’s been learning this whole time, but now he’s returning interactive answers to questions, identification, communication and really absorbing what we’re doing with him. I just want to always maximize that the best we can. I’m not worried or anything, except that I don’t want to leave this window unfulfilled as to what we (and mainly “I”) can teach him. Maybe it’s just paranoia about being a good enough Dad, I don’t know…

M: Well, he clearly knows a, b, & c thanks to you. What did he get from me? How to make a monkey sound and blow raspberries? I think you’re doing a great job with him.

D: Oh come on, you teach him just as much as me. You read to him far more, and if anything, he’s gotten much more “useless” spaz monkey-ness from me than you’ll ever be able to give. Maybe that’s my concern, less silliness and more learning time. All in moderation of course though.

M: I think though, this goes back to some of our conversation the other day–he’s a kid. He has lots and lots of time for school, and yes, it’s important. Trust me, I believe it’s really important. But I also think there’s a value in letting him be a kid too. There are learning opportunities in play, but even without that, there’s so many different areas he’s growing in that it’s not just about school learnin’.

D: Yeah, I know. I think I’ve never been too concerned that he won’t get enough time to be a kid, that in this household, silliness and love and fun will abound. Maybe I’m just overcorrecting in trying to make sure the scholastic stuff is emphasized just as much. We were both in honors classes in school, and if I’m honest, I think I’m worried that he may not be in the same educational place we were. Which is totally fine, by the way!!! I just…you know…hope that he’s smart!

M: I do too. But I think we have to…you know…build to that. Let’s get him into the 2 year old classroom at daycare before worrying about honors classes in middle school….

D: But…but…what will I worry about now? I can’t just not worry about the kid in some way…can I?

M: Oh, don’t worry, you’ll find something!

D: Yay!

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