Just Say “No.”

by The Daddy on August 17, 2011

Yes, the Noodle has become quite comfortable in his newfound word. He seems to use it all the time, but thankfully (so far) he doesn’t seem to be abusing it too much.

There are certainly times where we’ll tell him something, or that something is going to happen and we’ll get a casual “no”, said in this cute sort of offhand way, as if we were asking him if the pasta needed more tarragon or something. Those times aren’t too bad. Or the times when we’ll ask if he wants any more of a certain food, again we get the gentle matter-of-fact no.

For now, his soft little almost concerned-sounding “no” is still rather charming. We’re waiting for the drop-the-hammer, angry, frustrated tantrum “NO”, hurled repeatedly as a scream in a fit of rage.


Then it will truly be game over.

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shasta August 17, 2011 at 8:32 am

I’ve also learned to fear the whiny no.
ME: “Let’s brush your teeth. We can watch Mickey Mouse when you’re done.”
MITTENS, pushing toothbrush away: “Noooooooooo…..”.


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