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by The Momma on October 28, 2011

The Momma: Halloween With A Toddler: Adorable Costume and Candy Revelry or Annoying Holiday That’s Better Left to Older Kids?

The Daddy: I think it’s a new kind of adorable time, because we get to take out this living doll we’ve dressed up and revel in his cuteness. He’ll probably get a little more out of it when he’s older though, that’s for sure. And, it will be less wrangling on our end.

M: It is pretty adorable to see him in his little costume. That, for the record, HE actually picked out, in all its polyester flammable glory.

D: Oh yeah. Well we knew it was gonna be something Toy Story themed, didn’t we? I personally would much rather have put together something a little more natural, but that thought got abandoned to the days when I had nothing but time on my hand to work on such projects.
Still, he’s pretty cute in it.

M: And based on his fascination with doorbells lately, I think he’ll get a kick out of THAT part. I wonder if he’ll understand the ring doorbell + say this magic combo of words = get candy equation.

D: You know what’s totally going to happen right?
D: This:


They open the door, and out come the inhabitants, loving his costume and holding out the bowl of candy.

The Knob then runs inside and most likely into the people’s kitchen.

D: Repeat about 6 times.

M: LOL. That’s EXACTLY it. Or, he’ll ring the doorbell, and then just keep ringing the doorbell, before running off into the street.

D: Yeah, ring it once and then over and over again, until the people kindly ask us to leave. And oh man, is dealing with the street gonna be SO much fun. I hate to be so preemptively negative, but I think the audience needs to know about his obsession of running into the street. Every house that’s gonna be a battle.
We may have to give in and give some candy to whet his appetite for what’s happening as motivation.

M: Oh, clearly. That’s our only hope, really.
I have to admit, I’m a little apprehensive about the candy thing too. I think the whole point is candy, so I’m not going to deny it to him, but he’s had so little candy in his short little life, I’m petrified of the sugar crash that is bound to come.

D: This seems like one of those life experiences that has to happen. We’ll have to decide how much candy to give him, and then invariably we’ll have to watch our kid chow down like some kind of meth freak. And inevitably, he’ll get a tummy ache and crash like a drunk albatross.

M: Parenting milestones FTW.

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