Language is Both Frustrating and The Most Awesome Ever

by The Momma on October 10, 2011

Mornings can be chaotic around our house. I never get up early enough, the kid always gets up too early, we stumble through the mornings with the Daddy and I trying to get ready and out the door when all the kid wants is WOODY WOODY WOODY HUNRY HUNRY CEREL???

But somehow we always manage to make it through. And every day, whether I’m off to work by myself, or the boys are dropping me off, or I’m dropping the kid at daycare, the Daddy and I always say “Have a good day!” to each other and the kid. It’s kind of an autopilot thing now, one that we do without really recognizing it.


The Noodle’s vocabulary has been expanding a ton lately. It’s still clearly toddler speak, which means we often have to do this weird translation thing based on a combo of pointing, word jumble skills, and logic puzzle if then statements: “Toppers? Toppers? Pointing at the TV? While growling? Ohhhh, you mean MONSTERS! You want to watch Monsters Inc. Ahha!” (also? Adorable).

Choppy is for chocolate milk
Zul is school
Puble is pretzel
Unde is candy

It’s fun though, if slightly frustrating at times. We know that the kid is saying something, but how to determine what? Or whether not understanding right away will trigger epic meltdown #234 of the day (those are the moments I can’t WAIT until he can talk better. Even though the talking can be exhausting). I mean, right now his attention tends to be focused on a short list of things (food, Toy Story/Monsters Inc, play, color, outside. We can usually figure it out from there), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t variations/additions/exceptions. What I’m saying is toddler speak is hard.


So this morning, I was getting ready to leave for work. The Noodle was in his high-chair having breakfast (omeal, cerel, mik, smoovi, and toas! Yes, my kid eats a ton in the morning), and I was getting reading to leave, packing my lunch, gathering my keys and purse. Finally I say, “ok, I’ve gotta go to work now.”

And then he starts yelling HABDE, HABDE!

Uh, what?

He’s waving his spoon around, yelling (happy yelling, but yelling all the same) HABDE HABDE! The Daddy and I are trying to figure out what on EARTH the kid is saying. I’m this close to leaving the Daddy to figure it out without me, when it clicks:

“Have a good day, buddy? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Uh huh! Uh huh! HABDE Momma! HABDE!”

Yeah, language is pretty cool.

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