No Fear

by The Momma on October 17, 2011

My kid is not a timid kid.

The Noodle has very little, if any, fear yet. He’ll walk up to strangers. He’ll chase after giant dogs. He’ll climb to the top of the biggest slide. He sees what he wants and he does it, without any hesitation most of the time.

I love to watch it. I’m a cautious person by nature, a rule follower, a…well, let’s be honest. I’m a bit of a pessimist (I like to say I’m a realist, but my husband would argue that point with me). So I love to see that my kid just…does. I mean, I don’t like that he doesn’t know how to follow the rules, especially the rules I set. But I’m so glad he’s not a scared kid. I’m so glad he’s not a worrier. I’m so glad he’s willing to just DO.

Of course, that means I have to try and curb my protective mama bear tendencies. We went to the park today and of course he wanted to climb to the tallest slide, the one for kids 5 & 6years older than him. I’m there having heart palpitations, scared he’ll decide to step off the edge instead of slide down, and he’s gleefully pushing past kids 7 & 8 years old who are hesitating.

And there are times when a good, healthy dose of fear wouldn’t be a bad thing. I kind of wish he had a smidge of fear about things like cars and roads, or heights, or walking off the edge of the swimming pool into the deep end.

But for now, I love to see him just take the world on. I know it probably won’t always be this way–fear has a way of seeping into our lives, even if we don’t want it to–so I’m enjoying his grab-life-by-the-horns-no-matter-where-the-bull-is approach.

It doesn’t mean I don’t hover anxiously by the big kid slide though. He may not have any fear, but that doesn’t mean I don’t.

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terificyk October 18, 2011 at 6:06 am

My “heart palpitation” moment was also at the park. My little noodle (at 19 months) decided to climb the jungle gym (i didn’t even think he could reach the first set of bars) but he did, and he kept going to the top, I couldn’t even reach him. I had to wait until he came down a bit to grab him. I thought of climbing up after him, but i was worried he would fall through the bars the moment i stepped away.


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