Out of the (Filthy) Mouths of Babes

by The Momma on October 31, 2011

Well folks, we’ve entered that infamous toddler phase, the one that seems to make all parents both cringe and giggle.

That’s right, we’ve reached the phase of misspoken toddler words. Filthy, dirty toddler words.

It started when the Noodle saw the popcorn. Only, he removes the “pco” in the middle. So he’s standing in the middle of our kitchen, pointing to the pantry, screaming P0RN P0RN P0RN.

Hysterical in our kitchen. Not so funny at the Halloween carnival we went to.

Or there’s “kitty,” a common word since the Noodle really wants our cat to be his friend (the cat however, is not interested). Except the kid can’t handle the “K” sound, and instead replaces it with a “T” sound. Oy.

Then, one day we were playing This Little Piggy. But the Noodle can’t wrap his mouth around the “G” sound, instead, in this case, replacing it with an S.  At best, he grabs his feet and yells “PISSY”–but at worst…well, sometimes his I sounds get replaced with a U sound. Go ahead, sound it out.

Yep. That’s right.

We’re working on that one a LOT.

For the most part, it doesn’t really bother me. *I* know he’s not actually screaming P0RN, or any of the other unsettling words it might appear. Language development is something that takes a while, and there are bound to be…uh…challenges along the way. He has to figure out what a word is, how the letters sound, how to make the sounds, and how to call it to both mind and mouth as he sees something. That’s bound to come with some amusing moments.

That doesn’t mean it’s not embarrassing though in the middle of the grocery store. Or that we’re not working on those sounds to try and stop the inadvertent foul-mouth. Or that I don’t hope he’s not screaming those words at daycare.

But if he does? Well, kids say the darndest things…right?


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TechyDad October 31, 2011 at 11:24 am

JSL has speech therapy to help with some issues he had (dropping consonant sounds to the point that nobody – including us – could understand him). When he would say something in a public location that could be interpreted as a “bad word”, I found myself saying “Oh, so you want [REAL NAME OF THING]?” Part of it was to reinforce the correct pronunciation, but mostly it was for the people around me.

The other thing you could do is video him asking for “p0rn” so that you have some blackmail for later years. “So, Noodle’s date… how would you like to see a toddler-aged Noodle asking for popcorn?” “MOM! DAD! NO! Not again!!!!” *evil grin*


Reboloke October 31, 2011 at 12:03 pm

I used to work at a preschool and one year we had a child excitedly telling everyone about our field trip to Funk’s Farm, only he tended to drop the n….


shasta October 31, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Speaking as the parent of a child who frequently says things incorrectly (currently fork is still “fuhk”, and a few weeks ago, Peter Pan was “penis”. Yep.), I can assure you that the daycare workers are used to it. The infant teacher even told me about the time she was changing the pants of an extremely well spoken 1 year old. She cheerfully goes “Let’s snap the buttons on your crotch!”…and he proceeded to yell “crotch!” the rest of the day to everyone, including mom when she came to pick him up. Believe me, they just roll with it.


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