Do as I Say…

by The Daddy on November 9, 2011

…Not as I Do.

Teaching the kid good habits and a”the rules” in general gains a new level of challenge when those habits and rules fly in direct opposition to our everyday behaviors. Or to put it another way: we have a lot of bad habits that will either need serious curbing if we want this kid to stay sane, or at least a sufficient level of subterfuge so he doesn’t witness the parental infractions.

I think this another notch in the parenting belt that you slowly craft as you develop into one who “has children.” As a kid, I always wondered when and how it happened that so many “lame” adult traits became canon, when clearly kids are so much cooler than the grownups. It’s the transition from pre-kid to with-kid that should help us modify some of our less desirable actions and make us more civilized acceptable members of adult society.

I just hope it doesn’t make us totally lame.

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