Relaxing Holidays?

by The Momma on November 28, 2011

After a lovely four day holiday weekend, I think I can say this with certainty:

The idea of a “relaxing” holiday/day off with a toddler is completely ridiculous.

No longer can I answer my coworkers’ question of “how was your holiday” with “Good! We just relaxed and hung out! It was nice to have a few days to recuperate.”

Because honestly? HAAAAAAAAAAA!

We had a great weekend, but the reality of life with a two year old means that the days of holidays being a way to relax and veg out are long gone. Maybe they’ll come back some day, but for now? Not so much. We still have to find ways to keep him entertained, but with the added bonus of trying to accomplish a specific set of tasks (in this case, cooking a meal that relies on everything getting finished around the same time). We still have to find ways to burn off energy. We still have to stick (somewhat closely) to his schedule, lest we pay for it in the form of massive tantrums.

A holiday with a toddler provides lots of things: extra snuggles, the chance to let his schedule dictate rather than trying to mesh it into ours, time to watch Toy Story in bed rather than running around trying to get out the door in the morning, and the ability to not have to run errands if we don’t NEED something. Which, in their own way, are relaxing–or at least more relaxing than their alternative counterparts.

But until the day that the kid can sleep until at least 9 on a day Momma has off work I’m not gonna be able to consider my holidays refreshing.

Oh well, at least we got plenty of pie.

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