Flushing Our Time Down the Toilet

by The Momma on January 3, 2012

“Honey, don’t eat the toilet paper.”

I’m saying that entirely too often lately. In case that doesn’t give it away, we’re in the midst of potty training here. We’ve done it our usual way (i.e. the lazy way), and basically just let the Noodle take the lead. I’ve given thought to the potty bootcamp idea, but, again, we’re lazy. So instead, we’ve just shown him what to do, and let him do it when he wants. We’ll prompt him, but don’t force him if he doesn’t want to go. I’d say that right now, he’s probably about 70% of the way there–bed and naptimes not included.

And it’s great and all. Really. I swear.


Ok, the reality? I think potty training is a real pain in the ass. I’m all about the end result, but getting there is proving to be a real time suck. I’ve spent more time sitting on the bathroom floor in the past month and half than probably the entire rest of my life combined. I’ve been late to work because I don’t exactly feel like we can pull the Noodle off the toilet in the middle of his “session”–whether he’s accomplishing anything or not, if he says he still needs to go potty, I feel like right now we need to listen to that. Meals have gotten cold, visitors have been abandoned, and bedtime. Oh bedtime has become this insanely long, drawn out event, with usually at least two if not three return visits after extended screaming of POTTY POTTY POTTY over the monitor. Bedtime has gone from a 20-30 minute event to anywhere from 30 minutes to TWO HOURS.

And the thing is, in all of those events, every time he says he has to go potty, he does, actually go potty. So in an effort to continue to encourage the learning of how to go potty, I feel like we can’t ignore him if he asks. You know? So we leave our meals, we extend bedtime, we leave visitors, and we sit on the floor of the bathroom cheering him on.

I’m looking forward to not paying for diapers anymore, but honestly? This is way more annoying than changing a diaper.

So if you need me, you might want to check the bathroom floor. I’ve got a spot there that’s become like a second home.


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TechyDad January 3, 2012 at 9:56 am

I can completely sympathize. We went through this with NHL and JSL. The only thing I’ve got to say is: hang in there. It’s worth it. Not having to pack diapers, wipes, etc when you go out. Not having to buy diapering supplies. Being able to walk into any public restroom and let your little guy take care of business. It’s worth all of the time-sink you’re experiencing right now. (Maybe you should put some reading material in the bathroom for when you need to sit and wait for your little guy to be done. Might help pass the time.)


Reading (and chickens) January 3, 2012 at 9:58 am

Oh YES. Potty training is probably one of the worst aspects of young parenthood. Blah. I’ve done it twice and I don’t even know HOW.


Jason Deeds January 3, 2012 at 12:49 pm

I’m both looking forward to this and dreading it. Keira has just started telling us when she goes poo poo in her diapers. I think we are just about ready to start. Feels like we are getting the shuttle ready for launch rolling it out to the pad. T- 1 month or so.


clara January 3, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Someday it will be over.

That’s what I tell myself. Of course, I have a child who is petrified of toilets and we just spent a week doing the “No more pull ups — you know what to do” and failed, miserably at it.

Someday it will be over. As soon as two years from now, if my older child is any indication.


Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life January 3, 2012 at 9:28 pm

You have a great head start! You are doing great!

We did a naked summer one summer. Just undies. It tried my patience, but at the end of it—we were diaper-free.

The cartoon though? Awesome!


Sheila January 5, 2012 at 9:17 am

That’s almost exactly where we are. I let my kid run around half naked all day, and he has, on average, one or two accidents a day. Sometimes I remind him to sit on the potty, and sometimes he (wonder of wonders!) runs over there all by himself. But he very often wants me to sit on the floor next to him and read a book. That kid is going to grow up having to keep reading material in the bathroom!

Meanwhile, it is pretty tiresome, especially when we have to go somewhere. I bring the potty in the diaper bag because he won’t go anywhere else. And then I have to find a place to set it up, and a place to dump it, and … yeah. But I love the fact that he’s *mostly* potty-trained, that I’m no longer washing cloth diapers every three days, and that I won’t have to fight this battle when he’s three or four and terrified of the toilet. At his age, it’s time-consuming, but there’s very little drama involved.


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