The Literal Definition of Growing UP

by The Momma on January 16, 2012

Yesterday, we bought the Noodle a new bed.

Because he was outgrowing the toddler bed.

Because we have a behemoth of a 2.5 year old.

I mostly don’t have any “oh my baby is growing up so fast” sadness about this particular move. Instead I have “DEAR LORD CHILD STOP GROWING WE CAN’T KEEP UP” sadness about this move. Seriously, I feel like we are constantly on this treadmill of trying to keep him in shoes, pants, shirts that fit…now we’re adding the bed?

I’m seriously afraid of his teenage years is what I’m saying.

It’s hard sometimes having such a big kid. People expect him to behave “better” than he does, because they see him and think he’s 3.5 or even 4.5, not 2.5. They shoot us looks when we carry him (oof, and he’s getting hard to carry!), or when he isn’t able to talk well, or when he’s throwing an epic Terrible Twos Tantrum.

But he is still just two and a half, and sometimes it boggles my mind that we’re already buying 4T and size 9 shoes. Or that he can reach every door, lock, and window in the house. Or that he’s almost too tall for the toddler bed.

The rest of the world may think he’s older than he is, but to me he’s still my little man.

Even if he is too big for his bed.

 P.S. I totally lied. Seeing him in the big bed? Totally set off my mommy heart. We ended up with a full instead of a twin (long story, big bed), and now he looks so little. The swing from one extreme to another kind of caught my heart in my throat.

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TechyDad January 16, 2012 at 6:54 pm

We recently got a new bed also. Our little guy (4) was outgrowing his toddler bed (converted crib) for the longest time but we were pushing off a new bed for awhile. Our oldest (8) already had a twin bed and they sleep in the same room, but we couldn’t fit two twin beds in the same room. So now, we have one bunk bed. Our oldest has the top bunk and the younger one has the bottom bunk. It’s been a transition (the youngest didn’t know what to do with all the space to move and the oldest was nervous sleeping so high up), but I think it’s for the best.


Reading (and chickens) January 17, 2012 at 9:03 am

Our second is a big boy, too. We used to call him Giant Baby, but now that he’s older people think he’s in first grade and frown when he can’t read signs or has a tantrum or sits in the stroller. But he just turned four! Gah, I totally understand.


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