The Race Before Bed

by The Momma on February 6, 2012

The Noodle has never been one of those kids who “winds down” before bedtime.

In fact, the hour before bedtime in the Noodle Knobs house is usually the zaniest, wackiest, loudest, rowdiest hour of the day. Running, squealing, jumping, flipping, tickling and laughing are all part of the pre-bedtime ritual–in large part because we have to try and burn out as much energy as possible before putting the kid to bed or we pay the price (in the form of a toddler who won’t sleep).

In recent days though, things have gotten even crazier than normal. Because the Noodle’s newest activity is a bit much, even for our house. The first time he did it, the Daddy and I both sat in awe the entire time it went on.

Because for 15 minutes, the kid ran around in circles.


He literally ran around in a circle for literally 15 minutes.

Without stopping.

Saying “ZOOM CARS” the whole time.

The Daddy and I were sitting on the ground that first time, and he ran around the two of us while we stared, wide-eyed, at each other. At some point, we decided the kid wasn’t having a psychotic break, he was just burning off energy by pretending to be a car on a racetrack (we’ve finally hit the Cars addiction in our house, clearly, despite our earlier protests).

Now, it’s an almost nightly occurrence. Some days, the Daddy and I join in the “race”–we’ll all run around the coffee table like it’s the last laps of the Piston Cup. Some days, the kid just runs in his little circle all by himself. Either way, he laughs and laughs and laughs while squealing “ZOOM CARS”…and burning off that last gasp of energy.

It may not be quiet, it may not be calm, and I KNOW it looks like a madhouse in here, but damn if it isn’t the funniest part of the day.

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Chris @ Canadian Dad February 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm

My whole house is a daily re-creation of both Cars movies, with each floor being one of the tracks they visit in Cars 2. God forbid we forget to bring up Finn McMissile, Siddeley, the boat from the first 30 seconds of Cars 2 and Bubble Bath Lightning McQueen for my little guy to sleep in his bed with.

I have to admit, I was up late the other night working on an article and Cars was on one of the local channels. My first thought was “Why is Cars on at 10pm on a Wednesday night?” but then I caught myself watching it and before I knew it, I had moved away from my work and on to the couch where I watched the enitire movie….alone.

I didn’t let my wife in on that little secret, she knows I’m a kid at heart but doesn’t need to know everything:)


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