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…About the Witching Hour(s)

by The Momma on March 30, 2012

The Daddy:The Tantrum-Fest Witching Hour- How Much Does THAT Crap Suck?

The Momma: Oh.My.God. THE WITCHING HOUR. Otherwise known as when did my child get possessed by a demon?

D: It was interesting to note that it seems to be pretty common, as I noticed at a recent later playdate. The other kid, right in the 5-6 range started to lose it. Additionally it seems to not matter whether he’s at home or at daycare.

M: Yeah, as evidenced by the fact that his teachers have a tendency of saying, “he had a great day until about 4:45…”

D: I’m hoping that news is given to most of the other parents as well.

M: It’s funny, when the Noodle was younger, my mom in particular would talk about the witching hour. But it really wasn’t until he hit the full on TWO range that the witching hour really became something to…endure.

D: I know, it’s like some kind of irritating switch has been flipped. I don’t see that switch getting flipped back anytime soon either. For now, Imma keep trying ways to trick him, even if it ends up being letting him watch a movie or something. Because that particular chunk of time has the potential to ruin an entire day’s worth of happy mood for the Daddy sometimes.

M: Yeah, and let’s not even mention that a good chunk of what is basically my only time with the kid all day is SMACK in the middle of that horrible horrible time. Yeah, that’s good times.

D: This may be one of those great times to open it up to our avid readers and ask for their suggestions or experience vis a vis this lovely bit of evening jackassery. At this point, I’m open to all suggestions! We’ve tried feeding him, giving him alone time, playing with him, running around with him. No matter what, he’s on a super short fuse.

M: Yes, PLEASE. If any of our readers know any tricks PLEASE PLEASE share!
Seriously, this kid is basically hell on wheels from about 4:30 to…what, 6? 6:30? Bedtime?

D: I think the peak of his werewolf-like turdformation hits at around the 5:30 to 6PM range. By then we’re getting into dinner time and while he’s probably still just as delightful during that time, the structure of dinner helps to eliminate the problem somewhat. And that’s a BIG somewhat right there.
D: Now that I type it out, that may end up being our fix right there- some kind of structured activity that derails his Mr. Hyde mannerisms.

M: You might have something there. All I know is that anything we can do to all survive that time period is WORTH IT.

D: Maybe that will be the next task- develop some new SOMEthing during that time that is only during that time, and see if it helps squelch the demons. Cuz seriously, that becomes Mommy and Daddy need a drink time wicked fast.

M: Hey, nothin’ wrong with a drink or two. It’s just the needing them every DAY that’s the problem…

D: Yeah, I heard somewhere that’s not the route you want to go with parenting… Man, THAT’s gonna get us some hate mail!

M: Bring it on. It can’t be worse than the daily witching hour(s).

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shasta March 30, 2012 at 12:37 pm

I don’t know if this will work, but I give Mittens her vitamins after we get home because the B6 and B12 give her a little burst of happy energy. It seems to process through her quick, though (like maybe 2 hours tops), but then we move into bedtime (and bedtime is a whole other thing…).


Reading (and chickens) March 30, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Get him OUT OF THE HOUSE. No, seriously. We have that problem all year long except in the summer time, and then they play in the backyard or we go for walks or for ice cream or to the park and poof! mood diminished! Too bad we live in Seattle. Grumble. If that doesn’t work, some super happy upbeat music works on my kids (usually only the younger one, older one is six going on sixteen with his sulking).


Christa the BabbyMama April 3, 2012 at 7:13 am

There are days (as I’ve written about before) that I dread daycare pickup because it is not all sunshine and roses. It’s just the time of day where P. does not know what she wants. She asks to go to the park, so we go, and then once we’re there she wants to leave. She wants a snack. Not that snack. Outside… inside… read… video… aaagh!

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