A Tale of Impending Doom

by The Momma on April 10, 2012

I knew Sunday that we were doomed.

It started with a little cough. Just one little cough, every few hours. Alone, I might have been able to attribute it to allergies or one too many gulps of salty seawater at the beach the day before.

But with it, we noticed a certain…stillness. Now, in YOUR house, a child who sits quietly watching TV might not be cause for alarm, but in OUR house? This is a kid who bounces off the wall even with a 101 fever. Who moves and climbs and does, even when he’s watching TV. So to see him sit, quietly, curled up in the crook of my arm?

MAYDAY MAYDAY. We have an impending doom situation here!!!

Oh, he was his normal happy self. We did a couple of Easter egg hunts (once with candy filled eggs, once with Cheerio filled eggs. Both equally enjoyed. Why do we bother with candy again?) and he enjoyed his Easter basket, and gleefully played with his new Thomas and Percy toys, choo-chooing all around the living room and kitchen. But there was a lot of sitting. And wanting on mommy’s lap. Or next to daddy. And there was that little cough. That pesky annoying harbinger of doom.

Sure enough, Monday morning at 5:30, the Noodle started to cough. Really cough. He coughed for a good hour, before waking up completely. And as I left for work, he and Daddy were laying in bed, watching Thomas. This alone is not normal. In the morning, he wants to get up! And go! And play upstairs! And have breakfast! If (and this is a big IF) we can get him to hang out in our bed, it usually only lasts about 15 minutes before he’s up and vibrating to start the day. Monday morning, he was perfectly content to lay in bed. And he was getting warmer by the minute.


We’re doomed.

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