Where do NoodleKnobs come from?

Well, when two people love each other very much,  and there’s a little touching, a little feeling, and then a little somethin’ somethin’…. sometimes, just sometimes, a NoodleKnob is born as a result.

In this case, NoodleKnobs is the love child of N.C. Winters and Ginger from RambleRamble. Taking inspiration from our son Jackson (nicknamed, you guessed it, NoodleKnob), we wanted to create a place to talk about OUR experiences as parents, OUR challenges, and the things that make US laugh and groan and everything in between.

As we’ve experienced the ups and downs of our first year of parenting, we’ve come to find that while all parenting is based in common (or at least similar) experiences, not all parents are the same. Some are doting. Some are worry warts. Some are stereotypes. And some, like us, are a little…skewed. Shouldn’t be a surprise, really. You take two slightly skewed people and give them a kid, they don’t turn into sitcom mom and dad just by the power of having a fruit of their loins. No, skewed people who have kids become skewed parents. Slightly irreverent, inappropriate, indelicate, with a warped sense of humor, but with a munchkin they love and cherish.

We got tired of only seeming to see two tropes in popular parenting blogs: perfect families who have laugh-track lives or amazingly damaged families who have HBO dysfunctional lives. Our reality is somewhere in the middle. Some days, we look around and feel like aliens in this land of suburbia and parenting bliss. Some days we fit right in (well, at least until we start laughing behind closed doors).

Even just a year into this gig, we’ve found that parenting is one of the strangest, funnest, hardest, most rewarding jobs on the planet. As we’ve navigated the murky waters of parenthood, we’ve found that…holy shit, this gig is WEIRD! And that kiddo who we love beyond reason? He’s kinda weird too. The absurdity of parenting really knows no bounds.

We determined that we couldn’t be the only parents who fall between picture perfect and thoroughly damaged, and thus NoodleKnobs.com was born. We think there are more parents like us than are currently represented on the web, so hopefully you’ll recognize you and your little munchkin in the stories of us and ours. Some days we’ll focus on the good, and some days on the bad, but always the WTF and OMG moments of craziness, weirdness, and, oh yeah, love.

Who ARE these people?

The Momma
The Momma is Ginger, who has her own little corner of the internet over at RambleRamble. In this little family setting, Momma works out in the big bad corporate world as a marketing guru at a mid-sized book publisher. The struggle of being a working mom sometimes gets the best of her, but she powers through (not without bitching at times). The Momma is usually the calm one, the voice of reason, patience personified–but she’s a horrible housekeeper, and doesn’t bake nearly enough for The Daddy’s liking. She can be reached at themomma(at)noodleknobs(dot)com

The Daddy
The Daddy is N.C. Winters, artist/illustrator/designer/all around creative guy. Daddy is a Work At Home Dad–which means he spends a lot of time chasing the Noodle around during the day and then lots of time working at night. Sleep is for the weak, or those with less on their plate at least. The Daddy is generally the fun and rambunctious one: it’s Daddy who wrestles and plays the longest. He’s a slightly better housekeeper, and an all around great cook, but he does have a tendency to be a little crazy and obsessive at times. He can be reached at thedaddy(at)noodleknobs(dot)com