Guest Noodling

Interested in doing a guest post for Noodle Knobs?

Have a hilarious/sad/crazy/OMG story about parenting or kids or family? This is your chance!

We’re always looking for guest posters on Noodle Knobs, providing you have a sense of humor about this whole parenting thing and that you don’t mind the idea of seeing yourself or your munchkin in cartoon form. Sound good?

Shoot an email to themomma (at) noodleknobs (dot) com to let us know you’re interested, and what you might want to write about. Please don’t send fully written posts without chatting with us first to make sure it’s a fit, unless you’re open to editing the post after the fact.

If you’d like to see some examples of the fabulous guest posts we’ve had before, check out the Your Turn to Talk category!